donderdag 17 juni 2010

BewustZijn creëren

De internationale conferentie voor heilpedagogen en sociaaltherapeuten zal dit jaar van 4 tot en met 8 oktober in het Goetheanum, Zwitserland, worden gehouden. De titel luidt zowel (in het Duits) ‘BewusstSeinsBildung’ als (in het Engels) ‘Creating Consciousness’.

De uitnodiging vermeldt onder meer het volgende:

Lectures by Dr. Michaela Glöckler, Andreas Fischer, Prof. Dr. Thomas Fuchs, Dr. Roland Halfen, Penelope Roberts-Baring, Prof. Dr. Peter Selg and others.

Workgroups on the Study of the human being and consciousness, Curative Education in kindergarten, school and home, inclusion, Social Therapy in life, work and culture, questions of self-management, spirituality and the arts.

There will be simultaneous translation into English, Spanish, Russian, German, Swedish, French and possibly Italian.

The conference theme will be explored and developed in lectures and workshops. The workshops in particular aim to cover diverse aspects and themes relating to curative education and social therapy.

The workshops each morning will focus on developing the spiritual-scientific foundations of curative education, and on interdisciplinary dialog. The afternoon workshops will offer themed specialist further training in various fields such as curative education, schooling, therapy, social therapy, work, training, and social forms and organization.

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Medizinische Sektion, Freie Hochschule Goetheanum
Konferenz für Heilpädagogik und Sozialtherapie

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