vrijdag 11 februari 2011

Congres Living in the Encounter, augustus 2011 in Wenen

Congres Living in the Encounter,
van 3 tot en met 6 augustus 2011

The European Congresses ‘Living in the encounter’ are held for people with special needs. After Berlin, Dornach, Prague and The Hague, the fifth congress is taking place in Vienna, the capital city of Austria.

700 congress participants from all over the world are expected again for an extraordinary festival of encounters. In this city of music, with its special atmosphere, the co‑ee houses, horse-drawn carriages – in Vienna, they are called Fiaker – and magni­cent buildings. Diverse opportunities for encounters will be o‑ered and the history of famous personalities can be traced. Let's search for traces...

An important person for humanity lived in Vienna: Rudolf Steiner. His 150th birthday will be celebrated in the congress year. We intend to ­find out more about his life and legacy. This time, the theme of the congress, which was jointly found in a preparatory meeting with congress participants, is called ‘Searching for traces’. In lectures, in art, on excursions to the most beautiful sights in the city and in numerous workshops, we will search for traces together.

Zie voor meer informatie de folder, de begeleidende brief en het inschrijfformulier .

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